Application Implementation Management

Application Implementation Management

Accelerating the Implementation of Your Business Critical Applications

In the current marketplace, customers are faced with an overabundance of ERP solutions. In spite of the fact that ERP implementations are large and pricey endeavors, Gartner research indicates that upwards of 80% of ERP systems fail to deliver desired results. How can you ensure that you keep your competitive edge on the market? In a few words: the Mavim Application Implementation Manager.
The Mavim AIM Solution speeds up ERP implementations by providing a systematic approach to defining, analyzing, improving and communicating business processes throughout an organization. The clarity provided by Mavim AIM will not only accelerate your implementation, but will also minimize risk, increase user adoption and ultimately result in an improved return on investment.

Microsoft Dynamics Implementation Accelerator
  • Minimize implementation costs and total cost of ownership
  • Prevent unnecessary modification and customization
  • Increase end-user adoption rates
  • Lower the risk of running out of time and/or budget
Gartner research indicates that 80% of ERP systems fail to deliver desired results. They run out of time, budget and the end result often does not meet the customer’s expectations.
  • Enhance user buy-in of the new way of working
  • Improve the quality of delivered solution
  • Develop solution documentation for future governance
  • Create process-driven test and training material
  • Establish a change management validation platform based on people, process & technology

Mavim AIM

Best Practice Process Suites

Award winning Mavim partners, such as UXC Eclipse and Infor, have leveraged their extensive industry and implementation experience to create industry standard best practice process suites in collaboration with Mavim. These suites, embedded in the Mavim software, allow organizations to implement ERP solutions quickly and without major modifications, while simultaneously facilitating continuous improvement on a long-term basis.
Suites of best practice processes can drive implementation, and help maximize your solution investment. The process suites can be easily managed and tailored to your organization and will accelerate your implementation, minimize risk, increase user adoption and ultimately result in an improved return on investment. However, the value extends beyond implementation by ensuring processes are continually performed in the most effective, efficient way.

UXC Eclipse on Mavim

Sounds too good to be true?

From a group of more than 2300 entrants spread over 108 countries, UXC Eclipse was recognized for providing outstanding solutions and services in Microsoft Dynamics. Listen to what the Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year 2015 had to say about Mavim’s Application Implementation Manager.

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