Application Portfolio Management

Application Portfolio Management

Move Beyond Monitoring: Gain Control Over Your Application Portfolio

As a CIO, you know that applications form the foundation of enterprise operations and monopolize IT spending. Streamlining and eliminating redundancy is the only way to move forward, but how do you decide what is waste and what is value adding?
Mavim gives you the ability to determine the impact of change. With it, you gain real-time insight into the state of your organization’s application landscape, including all applications, the technology that sustains them and the business processes they support.  

How to Rationalize Your Application Portfolio

Improve Agility and Flexibility

Gain insight into your application landscape, the underlying technology, and connected business processes. Transform your IT department into a responsive whole to increase business productivity. Respond quickly and flexibly to new challenges and meet business demands.

Reduce Management Costs

Gain the ability to make more conscious investment choices for your organization’s application landscape. Reduce complexity of the application landscape. Control the lifecycle and management of your business critical applications.

Introduction video Rules APM framework

Accelerate Innovation

Increase the transparency of the IT landscape to accelerate IT’s ability to innovate consistently. Prepare the legacy application portfolio to suit business requirements brought about by changing market conditions such as big data, cloud, social, and mobile.
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