Governance, Risk & Compliance Framework

Governance, Risk & Compliance Framework

Establish Transparency and Insight

Many organizations find themselves managing their governance, risk and compliance initiatives in isolated silos. Yet, the ever-growing regulatory environment and increased focus on accountability makes it imperative to manage risk and compliance initiatives in an integrated fashion. The Mavim Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) framework helps organizations determine how changes in laws and regulations will impact business processes. Using the GRC Manager, the impact that a given change will have on business units and their related processes becomes immediately visible.
The Mavim GRC Manager helps organizations connect and present information about policy, risks, and regulations in a coherent way. Additionally, the highly advanced functionalities of the software encourage the visualization and publication of this information, establishing a level of transparency that lightens the burden of accountability to internal and external parties.

The Tool for Risk and Compliance Management

  • Connect regulations with business processes
  • Create insight in the impact of risks
  • Simplify lines of communication
  • Get employees involved in risk management
  • Reduce the costs of compliance management

Transparency and insight

Risk control and compliance management


Risk management

Do you want to respond adequately to chances and threats by getting insight in all risks involved? Risk management with Mavim GRC Manager will help you to identify risk on a strategic, operational and financial level. This will provide the organization and the auditors the required insight in the degree of risk control.

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Compliance Management

Do you want to stay in control of laws and regulations? Compliance Management with Mavim GRC Manager will help you to create cohesion and insight in business processes and the laws and regulations involved. The process of introducing a new policy or changing existing protocols will be simplified substantially.

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