Mavim Release Event

Mavim Release Event

Want to innovate? Break the Rules!

As a business leader, you are well aware of how quickly the world is changing. You know your organization needs to become more agile, more proactive in order to face the challenges presented by a digital economy. What is needed is a blueprint that would enable you to know the outcome before you even took the first step—a competitive edge that would empower you to alter ongoing operations while delivering big outcomes in a dynamic, high-risk environment.

What if you could actually identify which of your ongoing projects no longer aligned with your business strategy or which of your projects would deliver quick wins to help your transformation gain momentum? What if you could identify the impact of a hypothetical change trajectory on your organization before you invested valuable resources in it?

The newest version of our software is the key to realizing continuous improvement. On March 30th, we would love to show you just how Mavim can optimally support your organization with everything from small change projects to massive business transformations. In other words, you will learn how can you leverage the latest version of the software to:

  • Improve the connection between the strategy and execution of your project portfolio
  • Accelerate the implementation and improve the adoption of business critical applications
  • Rationalize and harmonize your IT landscape
  • Improve the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your company data
  • Create insight into the impact of potential risks
Mavim Release Event

Date: Thursday, March 30th
Begins: 9:30
Ends: 13:00
Venue: Inn Style, Maarsen

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We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, March 30th.