• Discover the power of Mavim

    Discover the power of Mavim

    Mavim is a Microsoft Office & Visio based transformation platform

The Mavim Enterprise Transformation Platform

Empowering Business Leaders to Take the 360° View

Mavim empowers business & digital transformation. Structuring and relating business processes, organizational policies, people and IT infrastructure in the Mavim software allows you to continuously manage, monitor, and improve your business performance. In short, Mavim is the ultimate tool for establishing enterprise-wide transparency. From enterprise architects, to project managers, to the C-Suite, our software creates value for everyone in the organization.
Mavim provides business leaders a full 360° view by connecting the dots between strategy, projects, personnel, processes, technology, risks, customers, and infrastructure. By working with your existing applications and company systems to extract key information, the Mavim software makes visible the impact of potential change. Simply put, Mavim empowers you to get most complete view of your organization, giving you control over your company’s future.

Creates a 360° View

By connecting people, processes and technology, the Mavim software generates a 360 degree view of an organization. And because it is Visio-based, not only does our software connect the dots, but it helps you to visualize your transformation journey.

What is Enterprise Transformation?

Introduction to the Mavim Software

Easy to Use

Built with the business end-user in mind, Mavim has created a highly intuitive software that Gartner calls “BPA for the masses.” Because it works in the same way as the Microsoft product suite, it is simple to establish end-user adoption on a wide-scale.

Includes Best Practice Models

Get a running start on your digital transformation with the industry standard best practice frameworks available in the Mavim software. Utilize the pre-configured models to give shape to your journey and ensure that your transformation makes it successfully from strategy to execution.
Enterprise Transformation Platform | From Strategy to Execution

Microsoft on Mavim

Ensures Effective Collaboration

Collaboration is made easy with the Mavim SharePoint and Yammer integration. Managing all information from one single source enables clear communication to stakeholders in order to ensure collaboration, adoption and ultimately, change.

Bi-Directional Functionalities

Don’t start from scratch! Due to its bi-directional integration with Microsoft Office, get a jumpstart on your transformation by importing all your existing information into a central repository for clear process documentation.

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