Microsoft & Mavim

Microsoft & Mavim

The Hub for the Microsoft Office Product Suite

The Mavim & Microsoft alliance unites Mavim's innovative solutions with Microsoft’s comprehensive digital technologies – including Microsoft Visio, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, SharePoint, Project PPM, Power BI, and Office 365 – to help you turn your digital enterprise vision into action.
Mavim has built a repository under Microsoft Office that extends and expands upon the universal standard, Microsoft productivity suite. Due to the integration with Office 365 and Visio, our easy-to-use software enables you to leverage upon data stored in your existing Microsoft applications.

Hans van der Meer | Product Manager Office 365 & SharePoint - Microsoft

What Microsoft Says About Mavim

  • Connects All Your Organization's Information
  • Establishes One Single Source of Truth
  • Creates Efficiency by Eliminating Organizational Silos
  • Supports the Vision of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella
The [Mavim] solution gives people the opportunity and possibility to achieve more: to get higher revenue, to optimize your processes, to do new product introductions. The solution exactly supports the vision that Microsoft has.
Hans van der Meer | Product Manager, Office 365 & Sharepoint - Microsoft

The Visio-Based Solution

Mavim is an easy-to-use Visio-based modelling tool that extends and expands upon Microsoft Visio. Mavim turns single-user Visio into a collaborative, multi-user modelling environment. Mavim also creates the ideal repository for process diagrams (in Visio format) and associated documentation (in Word/Excel/PowerPoint formats).

Ian White | PPM & Visio technical lead - Microsoft

Sajan Parihar | Director Product Management - Microsoft

From Strategy to Execution

The Mavim Transformation Platform includes an industry best practice framework that allows you to visualize the business value of desired change initiatives, in order to choose and refine selected projects into an effective change portfolio, which can be executed, managed, and monitored in the Mavim software thanks to the integration with Microsoft Project PPM and Power BI.
Mavim… offers a really unique solution built on top of Office 365 and Visio, which helps business leaders drive enterprise transformation and alignment between strategy and execution.
Sajan Parihar | Director Product Management - Microsoft
As a Microsoft Gold Partner since 2005, we represent the top level of the Microsoft Partner Program. With this partnership we prove to have the required knowledge of Microsoft products.

Microsoft Gold Partners enjoy many benefits such as access to training facilities and direct support from Microsoft. This ensures the latest knowledge, skills and involvement that you need to implement the proper IT solution.