Maximize the value of your Mavim solution

To make sure you get the most out of your Mavim solution, we offer a variety of support and services. These services are aimed to make sure that users acquire the right knowledge to utilize the full functionalities of the software.

Our aim is to constantly adjust these services to your organization and its needs.


With more than twenty years of consultancy experience, Mavim provides an exceptional level of functional and technical consultancy. We help our customers to extract maximum value from our software, so that they can manage the changes within their organizations.

The support of a consultant guarantees that the implementation and use of the software will happen as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Help Desk

Mavim provides customers with support around the clock, around the world. Our help desk is dedicated to support the optimal operation, stability and performance of Mavim.

Under the Mavim maintenance agreement customers benefit from the following helpdesk offerings:

  • Easy to use online form for submitting helpdesk questions
  • Status updates of your requests via the online ticket system
  • Latest technical updates and news about our software
  • Downloads (patches, updates)

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