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APQC - Broadcasting

The broadcasting industry faces a number of challenges due to changes in technology and the widespread ability of people to create and edit content and serve it up to anyone around the world.  To stay competitive and profitable, the broadcasting industry needs to keep their processes lean.  As you might expect, broadcast media is made up of several distinct business processes, though they all serve the larger goal of supporting the creation, editing, and broadcasting of edited productions. Unfortunately, not all of these processes happen in-house with every production, i.e. raw media can be sent to third-party editing houses.  This adds to the complexity and cost associated with the final product. But for companies looking to improve their business performance, Mavim and APQC have joined forces to provide a world class broadcasting process framework embedded in the Mavim platform.   

By leveraging the APQC broadcasting process library in Mavim, business leaders will be able to:  

  • Establish a common language for measuring and evaluating all business processes.  

  • Identify the fits and gaps in current ways of working that lead to increased costs and longer lead times.  

  • Visualize and communicate the impact of process change in the context of the broader operating model.  

  • Drive continuous improvement by visualizing, measuring and monitoring best practice processes in an easy-to-use, Microsoft-based platform.  

Demonstration video: APQC - Broadcasting

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