The Next Generation of Customers

With big investments made in customer experience strategies and technologies, many research organizations and interested individuals have taken it upon themselves to create predictions based upon in-depth analysis of the “next generation” of customers.

Your Guide to Gartner's Top Ten Predictions for 2018 and Beyond

Gartner is well known for their plentiful – and sometimes far out – predictions for the ways in which new technology will be adopted, adapted, and applied. Therefore, it is helpful to have an overview that will take you through some of the most interesting predictions for the upcoming year so that you can determine what could have impact on your business.

Gartner's Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2018

Gartner has recently released their popular report heralding the most important technology trends of 2018. Click here to learn more!

Is ERP alive or dead? Schrödinger's cat & the future of ERP

Further research led me to an interesting hypothesis by a couple members of the Gartner analyst community: until further information has been gathered, ERP should be considered to be the famed cat of Edwin Schrödinger—simultaneously alive and dead.

Rabobank constructs physical model to understand IT architecture

Rabobank has built a 3D model of its own organisation and supporting IT systems to help visualise improvements that can be made as it embarks on its digital transformation programme.

Management Consultancy Disrupted: The Move Towards Asset-Based Consulting

The innovative version of the consulting business model transforms the commodity from billable hours into business results and moves towards program & results based pricing models. For the customer, the benefit is clear. So why hasn’t the industry been disrupted yet?