The 2019 Panorama ERP Report: No Surprises Here

The 2019 Panorama ERP Report: No Surprises Here

The new Panorama Consulting ERP report for 2019 has been published. Key take-away: ERP projects are most successful when focused on integrating people, process and technology. Not really surprising…. But what does this mean and what is the best way to integrate these three components?

Technological developments continue to follow each other at a rapid pace (ERP systems included) which means that the newest ERP systems are now able to address more complex processes than ever before. This is also a reason for many organizations to consider selecting a new ERP system. But it still isn’t as simple as downloading a new app on your phone – implementing an ERP requires a clear vision about how the new solution is going to support the corporate strategy as well as the people responsible for the processes supporting that strategy. A business case should include realistic and clear KPIs. That makes it much easier to get people on board.

But even with all that in place, an implementation process is still a disruptive undertaking for an organization. Panorama’s research shows that it pays off to invest time in creating the desired state business design and to align activities to define the business processes. Mavim provides a systematic approach to defining, analyzing, improving and communicating business processes throughout an organization. The platform provides an optimal environment for teams to capture, share and validate business processes and process requirements in order to generate a business blueprint for the ERP implementation -- truly bringing together people, process and technology. This will not only accelerate the implementation but will also increase predictability about the impact and costs, both human and financial.

Other key take-aways from the research involve the (executive) buy-in. This is easy to get when everyone understands what the impact will be on the organization. Again, it is important to begin with business process activities as early as possible in the project. Many System Integrators have created their own best practice business process designs in Mavim based on their extensive experience. This gives the organization a kickstart with their implementation and enables them to involve the business stakeholders in the project. Successful ERP implementations focus on using digital technology to support the organizations business models and processes. As we all know; technology itself does not create benefits.

Check out this video to learn more about Mavim for ERP implementations.