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In response to rapidly changing market conditions and the dynamics of technological advances, organizations around the world are implementing major change projects. They are shifting to more agile business models, becoming increasingly customer facing, or digitalizing existing business operations. Yet, history tells us that upwards of 70% of transformation initiatives fail to achieve desired results. As an independent research organization, Gartner seeks to uncover the root of transformation failures and increase the success rate of their customers by sharing in depth knowledge and experiences. Attending the Gartner Business Transformation and Process Management Summit is the perfect excuse to not only get out of the office and see beautiful London, but it offers a priceless opportunity to meet with executives who are undergoing the same challenges you are. Read on for four reasons to attend this year’s BTPM summit.  

  1. The Transformative Shift For the first year ever, Gartner is placing less emphasis on business processes on their own, and shifting focus onto how business processes support the myriad challenges large organizations are facing—from the shift to digital business, to keeping pace with regulatory changes, to improving the customer journey. Gartner’s own messaging around the summit supports this. (“Enabling companies to move beyond traiditonal ‘BPM’ to reinvent processes that support major transformation initiatives.”) Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how the latest techniques, process thinking, and technologies support innovation and enable major transformation.
  2. Not Just about IT anymore Historically an IT event, Gartner is increasingly shifting their focus to the “business,” which is visible through the different “tracks” offered to attendees. From tackling business process redesign to exploring the wider context of business operations to updating behaviors that support transformation, this year’s agenda has something for everyone. Other hot topics include: customer journey, IoT, smart machines, adaptive enterprise, and the networked economy.
  3. Hear Walter Kok –Head of Global Process Management, ING In a prime guest keynote slot, Walter Kok of the ING is scheduled to speak about how the “Think Forward” strategy has enabled the ING to improve the customer journey. By using their customers as the starting point, and taking a process-led approach to transformation, the ING is a great example of how to transform critical business operations while continuing the necessity of the day-to-day. With a large percentage of Summit attendees coming from the financial sector, this is sure to be an enlightening keynote.
  4. Experience the Latest Innovations Mavim is collaborating with VizR to bring the business world a virtual reality experience unlike any other. With the VizR, you will find yourself instantly immersed in a three-dimensional flying experience. As the pilot of a helicopter, take the controls into your own hands and maneuver through the masses of data that comprise your organization. Watch the disordered mass transform into an organized blueprint before your eyes. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.




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