Mavim recognized as Finalist for Microsoft Partner of the Year Award

Mavim has been recognized as a finalist for 2018 Microsoft Security and Compliance Award.

Getting Resources for ERP Demands a Clear (Well-Communicated) Business Imperative

The traditional motives for “doing ERP” are all about improving operational efficiency, cost reductions, and establishing a standard way of working. However, this can create tension when the business executives who need to decide on the resource allocation are focused entirely on the growth opportunities provided by digital business.

Paying for Gold: Will the GDPR usher in a global paradigm?

Not long ago, trend watchers began calling data “the new (black) gold”. Whether referring to oil or the element, the idea was clear – the massively profitable companies of the future would be those who can best leverage data.

Empowering the Next Generation of Collaboration

On April 5th, over a hundred of Mavim’s loyal customers made time to “Come Together” to learn more about the latest developments in Mavim’s product and to hear more about the innovations to come.

The Common Data Model, Common Data Service & Microsoft Dynamics 365

At the core of every technology implementation is a question about to use data to support more informed decision making. However, up until recently, integrations between Microsoft systems were custom built, making them expensive, risky and difficult to maintain. Enter: The Common Data Model.

5.25 - Providing End-to-End GDPR Support for the Digital Workplace

Fighting the rise in GDPR point solutions and compliancy quick-fixes, the consortium that have given themselves the name 5.25 (the date the GDPR goes into effect) aim to address GDPR compliance in the digital workplace.