Inspiring Innovation: Has IT had it right all along?

If nothing else, the past decade has provided assurance that the disruption of traditional markets is a problem for companies that have experienced previous success but have grown too bloated to keep up with their more agile competition. But the question then becomes, how to inspire innovation?

What tools can help you with the GDPR?

Still haven’t really started meeting the requirements for the EU’s new GDPR privacy rules? Here are the types of tools that can help you get started (hopefully in time to meet the deadline if you start soon!)

(Digital) Disruption in higher education and what the trends mean for you

Like most industries, education is undergoing a serious shift. Extreme connectivity provided by the internet has created a more immediate and extensive way of accessing, aggregating, and delivering content on a scale never seen before. But what do the trends in higher education have to do with the rest of us who are no longer in the market?

The Next Generation of Customers

With big investments made in customer experience strategies and technologies, many research organizations and interested individuals have taken it upon themselves to create predictions based upon in-depth analysis of the “next generation” of customers.

Your Guide to Gartner's Top Ten Predictions for 2018 and Beyond

Gartner is well known for their plentiful – and sometimes far out – predictions for the ways in which new technology will be adopted, adapted, and applied. Therefore, it is helpful to have an overview that will take you through some of the most interesting predictions for the upcoming year so that you can determine what could have impact on your business.

Gartners Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2018

Gartner has recently released their popular report heralding the most important technology trends of 2018. Click here to learn more!