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There is no question that organizations need to become more agile and proactive in the face of market volatility. After all, fast-paced innovation and disruptive business models have become a fixture of the modern workplace. And yet, very few have been able to crack the code on how to successfully implement large-scale organizational change. Evidence supports these assumptions. Not only do large change initiatives frequently run out of time and budget, the vast majority fail to achieve the desired results. Depending on what research you look at, analysts estimate that 50-80% of major change projects fail. But with all the technological advances that we’ve seen over the past decade, why is transformation still such an enigma? And what can be done to successfully implement large-scale organizational change?  

The Mavim Difference

The Mavim Enterprise Transformation Platform is designed specifically to ensure your strategic projects are executed successfully by offering an interactive business portal that allows you to manage change projects and facilitate collaboration throughout your organization. Additionally, the Mavim ETP connects all relevant business information, which creates insight into the impact a given project will have when implemented. The essence of ETP is to bridge the gap between business and IT, between strategy and change. Need to hear more? Listen to our clients from PON, IHC Merwede, and Arcadis talk about how they use Mavim to identify opportunities for change and successfully implement the determined strategic initiatives.  


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