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The day to day of an alliance manager might look very different from that of someone in Sales. From meeting with partners, to discussing new opportunities to co-market and sell through, and develop and execute executive strategies, Mavim’s Alliance Managers are a vital branch of our organizational success. In this first part of our Meet the Alliance Team, we introduce to you Joey Koch, a long time veteran of our alliance network.

As an Alliance Manager, I have been communicating, connecting, and forming relationships with others my entire life. Ever since I was 16-years-old, I chose the vocational path in which human interaction would be the pillar to most of my occupational responsibilities. My Mavim and personal assets that I leverage are always for the benefit of my partners and end users, they are always my top priority. That interconnection is the motivation in which I seek meaning, I cannot imagine living a life without interacting with partners and customers daily, it drives me forward. In fact, as I sit here and think about it, it has been 25 years. 

I knew immediately after I interviewed for an alliance position at Mavim, at a young age, that I wanted to be a part of this ambitious company. The strategy that Mavim has implemented into its brand values aligned with my goals from a sales/partner perspective, and I wanted to become an integral piece in the journey that Mavim creates for its partners, customers, and internal employees. I love my position and working as an Alliance Manager for Mavim, it feels like a family. We work very hard, yet there is enough room for personal development, to explore and initiate all kinds of plans that you think are needed to fulfill your job. 

As an Alliance Manager of a highly digitized, emerging platform, I am exposed to many diverse groups of people in multiple departments of organizations. I work mainly with certain IT and system integrators, whose applications run programs for solving your ERP challenges, and divergent consulting and advisory firms who run initiatives related to an array of transformations within their consumers internal architecture. Even though there are differences between the individuals and partners I work with, the values in which I hold for myself, and my position are consistent, create a foundation that constantly produces meaningful results. 

There are three tasks that are my focus besides creating meaningful human relationships in my position.

My tasks are: 
•    Winning and signing new partners and building joint value propositions
•    Building and recommending solutions for those partners 
•    Supporting the activities of the partners to create success

Within my positional focal points, I have a plan in which I follow to maintain a strong partnership. These points help me create questions and ideations which contribute to my partnerships growing in creativity, investigation, and improvements.

My plan consists of: 
•    Recognizing the potential in a business case
•    Determining what the use case is and what issues the partners and end-users are facing 
•    Understanding how the problems can be solved with Mavim
•    Figuring out if a framework can be built to incorporate a new solution into Mavim’s platform
•    Identifying the clear benefits of Mavim for the partners and customers
•    Always making sure there is a good business model and go-to-market plan

My main tasks and subtasks are very important for creating and implementing a unique strategy to help all my partners and consumers. These duties build a consistent syncopation, which leads to the elimination of problems and weak links within an alliance and alliance consumer’s internal operations. Once I establish the problems and create solutional ideas through my point plan, it is all about keeping that partnership driving forward. In my opinion, to keep an alliance bond strong, you need to have a certain interest in your partner’s business, need to understand how your alliances are working, be cognizant on how your alliances are working in combination with the Mavim platform, and know how the platform is bringing value to their business. To know the answers to these questions, I always stay connected with the decision-making board of the alliance and clientele, the commercial teams, and the transformation delivery and project teams. Staying in contact is the best approach to producing success and knowing all the details about your alliances so they are not ephemeral. As an alliance manager, if you can answer all these questions and continue creating solutions based off these inquiries, you have created and maintained a firm linkage that you can be proud of. Mavim’s software is not only transforming the way our alliances and alliance customers shift, but moreover as alliance managers, we are transfiguring the way of working within partner relationships themselves.

To my future alliance managers and analysts, make sure you are always connected with the multiple partner decision makers in different departments, do not focus on one single relationship area of the partner business. Keep your own goals and objectives on the back burner, as much as they are important for personal gain, this business is about sacrificing your desires and putting your alliance’s objectives first. Learn the way you connect best with people, understanding your methods of forming lasting relationships will get you far in this industry, it is all about interpersonal skills. The evolution of you within an alliance position comes from the effort you put in to become the best version of yourself. Never stop learning. My true belief is that you always need to have an open mind to learn daily; as the market is evolving, companies and economies are constantly changing, and there are always different moving parts. Be sure to take a minute to reflect on these shifts and create a plan, and with that, success will come.

Interviewee: Joey Koch, VP of Alliances at Mavim


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