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AMSTERDAM & BOSTON- March 29, 2022-- 

Today Celonis announced the acquisition of Mavim partner, Process Analytics Factory GmbH (PAF), with the stated intention of reaching a broader audience of Microsoft Power BI users.  This acquisition is a welcome one for customers who are looking forward to leveraging the power of Celonis’ EMS within the familiar Microsoft Power BI environment.  As a strategic PAF (now Celonis) partner*, we also welcome this acquisition and look forward to a strong collaboration moving forward.   

For many Celonis customers, process automation and mining is still something done within a single process in most organizations. With Mavim’s Intelligent Transformation Platform, we empower Celonis’ customers to give process automation and mining its rightful place at the heart of all operational excellence initiatives. This helps them scale and align their mining and automation efforts with strategic initiatives and manage ongoing ROI beyond discrete projects. By making it part of the continuous improvement cycle, Mavim can help improve the democratization of process management and increase customer value.  

*As part of the strategic partnership with PAF, Mavim extended the PAF product in the following ways:  

  • Built conformance checking to understand the amount of deviation the happens by overlaying mining results on top of the perceived way of working  

  • Established a process prediction lens based on historic event log data with Azure ML 

  • Created order-to-cash and procure-to-pay content packs for D365 customers to accelerate time to insights 

  • Built a cloud-based upload and data transformation solution to get insights fast and without friction. 

  • Transformed PAF into an Azure cloud mining solution for customers that are looking for a zero-footprint solution 

Interested in learning more about Mavim? Join us for our annual customer event in May to hear from an inspiring line up of speakers that includes customers, partners, and product announcements from the Mavim team.  


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