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Mavim Product UpdateMaarsen, the Netherlands. On April 5th, over a hundred of Mavim’s loyal customers made time to “Come Together” to learn more about the latest developments in Mavim’s product and to hear more about the innovations to come.

The New Generation of Collaboration

Last year, our loyal customers watched us “Break the Rules”, including new branding, new positioning and a new product - our way of letting the world know that Mavim was ready to help our customers stay competitive in the digital future. We launched the Mavim Portal – with an end-user focus on communication and collaboration. This year we continue to demonstrate our commitment to user experience and stakeholder involvement in the change process with the introduction of Flows. This latest addition to the portal takes collaboration one step further. Now administrators and moderators can create workflows to help automate tasks such as audits & approvals, sending risk assessment forms to process owners, as well as general notifications to stakeholders about changes that have taken place. This game-changing functionality will help you, the customer, better engage your end-users in the continuous improvement cycle.

In the year that has gone by, Mavim has not only introduced new functionality to the product but is undergoing exponential growth. The past year has seen hundreds of new customers and dozens of new partners who are helping to deliver transformation success to organizations like yours in over 32 countries across Europe, Africa, as well as South and North America. Just as with the development of Flows, we look forward to hearing from you and your organization about how we can empower you to achieve more with Mavim.

Empowering Continuous Improvement: Flows!



  • Flows can be created for and applied to all users but also specific people, groups of people, or process owners.
  • Forms can be used to collect information (such as feedback or input) in a structured way. These forms need to be connected to the published version in which the flow has been implemented.
  • Topics are generally processes and process steps in the Mavim Platform, but could also be risks or KPIs.
  • Time is a pre-defined moment that triggers a flow, which makes it possible to plan activities in the Mavim Portal. This can be for a discrete moment (date & time), but it could also be a standard recurrence.
  • A manual trigger allows for someone to activate a previously implemented flow.
  • Emails can be leveraged by Mavim Portal users to create updates about actions or tasks. Users can also see tasks in their personal dashboard in the Mavim Portal.
  • Emails sent from the Mavim Portal can be written and created in advance. A subject, title, & sender can all be pre-defined. In this way, the emails can be personalized with the relevant context.
  • Flows can be given a due date. In this way, tasks and the required actions can be planned in and expectations communicated with the user.

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