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Four Steps To Increase Your Business Resilience

According to a recent survey by Accenture, the question that should be asked about cyber security is not if your organization will be attacked, but when. A full two-thirds of the 900 executives interviewed stated that their organizations experience “significant” attacks on their IT systems weekly. And yet, only nine percent said that they test their systems regularly by running inward-directed attacks. There is no longer a question that enterprise performance—even enterprise viability—is intricately connected to business resilience in the face of ever-present cyber threats When it comes to withstanding cyber-attacks, most organizations could use a little less conversation and a lot more action. Here are a couple ways to begin boosting your organization’s business resilience.  

  1. Embrace Digital It is easy to view technology as the greatest threat to your organization, especially in regards to cyber security. Yet, it is precisely this mentality that prevents your organization from developing robust digital capabilities. Successful IT management requires real-time orchestration of numerous internal and external services, and that can only be done well once you embrace a full digital ecosystem.
  2. Identify Critical Risk Factors In order to improve your ability to rebound from a major cyber-attack, it is important to be able to anticipate and prepare for the threat. A good place to start is by identifying the areas that pose the greatest risks to your operation. If your IT systems were compromised, what processes and systems are needed for your business to continue functioning on its own temporarily? By gaining a fuller understanding of the potential issues that will arise from the digital world, organizations can plan a response and limit the impact of any potential breach.
  3. Create a Continuity Strategy Based on the information derived from step two, develop an emergency plan that would allow your business to continue day to day operations until the problem is solved. This may seem like an unnecessary step—especially if you think your organization is not at risk—but it is much easier to plan for this occasion than it is to address the crisis after-the-fact.
  4. Test, Measure, Repeat The last and arguably most important measure to take to boost your organization’s business resilience is by testing IT systems on a regular basis in order to identify weak spots. By making this a fundamental aspect of operations, resilience is institutionalized within your organization. Regular testing helps to not only shore up your IT infrastructure but also the mindsets and skills of the relevant members of your organization.


Is your organization prepared for a cyberattack? Have you institutionalized business resilience or are you still fighting cyberattacks on a discretionary basis?




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