Investor Funding: Paving The Way For The Process Excellence Community

Investor Funding: Paving The Way For The Process Excellence Community

It is often said that when one door closes, another door opens, but we believe that when one door opens, many more will follow. Last week, Celonis announced their recent Series D investment equaling $1B with a valuation of $11B. We are thrilled for them and the broader community as this paves the way for greater market access to process excellence solutions. 

CEO of Mavim Jean-Jacques Vossen is excited by the market recognition saying, “This trust coming from the investment community shows the market adoption and value of process driven decisions has officially ‘crossed the chasm.’ As a leader with proved value in northern European organizations, Celonis’ funding will certainly create opportunities in the Americas where process mining will become an important part of continuous improvement strategies. By design, Celonis will become part of open Azure based Intelligent Transformation Platforms like Mavim which are used by leading consulting firms such as Accenture.” 

As a recognized Enterprise Business Process Analysis (EBPA) leader by Gartner, we understand there is a demand to experience the value of process mining, fueled by an investor opportunity with this funding, to drive value within several markets. While the process excellence community is often looped under the same roof, there are clear areas where companies have focused to become leaders in their field.  

Mavim’s technology bridges the gap between classical business process management (BPM) and process mining. Process mining supports the maturity model of classical BPM and organizations leverage process mining technology to investigate and research how processes perform based on event driven data from core business operating systems (ERP, ticket systems, CRM, planning, etc.) Although Mavim and Celonis have head-to-head offerings with process mining, Celonis has made a clear shift to execution management, while Mavim is focused on democratizing process knowledge.  

Supported by the inner workings of BPM and process mining, the Mavim platform brings process knowledge into the organization, allowing more than just the process owners to understand if processes are working or not. Thomas Littooji, a value engineer at Mavim, says “Mavim is built on and integrates with various Microsoft components (Azure, Power BI, Visio, SharePoint, O365), which makes Mavim a preferred supplier for international organizations already embedded into the Microsoft ecosystem.” This is why we have chosen to build on Microsoft’s technology—it is a low barrier to entry and offers familiarity within the Microsoft environment.  

As the process excellence community continues to grow and evolve, now more than ever, it is important to find the right platform and solution for your company. To learn more about how Mavim can help your organization, contact us today.