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Toyota’s success with the Lean operating philosophy caused a global paradigm shift in the world of process management by moving the focus onto how to continually improve the value stream of an organization. Lean philosophies help organizations to reduce costs and cycle time, resulting in more agile, market-responsive companies. Yet, for all the hype surrounding Lean, very few have managed to successfully implement that philosophy on their own. Customer Voice Arcadis is a global design, engineering, and management consultancy firm with 450 offices in over 45 different counties. According to Arcadis’ own Johan Tijhuis, Director of Risk Management, when they started the journey towards establishing one way of working, Arcadis had at least 80 separate IT infrastructures and at least 80 different ERP systems. He noted, “You can’t collaborate, you can’t be a global player if you have that in place.” With clear room for improvement, Arcadis began down the path towards transformation by recognizing that such a multitude of legacy systems was holding them back from working efficiently. Tijhuis continued, “We only think we can become the leader and stay the leader by collaboration—collaboration by people, collaboration by systems, and collaboration by processes.” But where to begin? Is it better to eliminate all existing systems and start anew? Or should some be eliminated but not all? What effect will that have on the other systems and people working with those systems? That is where Mavim comes in. The Mavim Difference Mavim offers a unique solution in the form of a transformation management tool. With Mavim, all your people, processes, and systems are documented and connected, so you can clearly observe the impact of any hypothetical change. Using the Mavim software, your organization will gain critical insight into which systems are improving your company’s performance, and which are only slowing you down. What is more, Mavim has built a repository underneath the worldwide standard, Microsoft Office, so you can get to work immediately by re-using all your existing documentation. Mavim provides insight into the impact of change and facilitates collaboration on a worldwide scale. Samuel Sabbagh, the Business Process Manager at Arcadis, is particularly enamored of the Mavim publication feature. Not only can all the processes be documented and maintained centrally, but the resulting business blueprint can then be published to all 22,000 Arcadis employees. At the click of a button, you can get your workforce up to speed, which helps establish workflow uniformity across time zones and countries. Movin’ On Up Still not convinced? Just take a look at how Arcadis is doing today. As Tijhuis predicted, Arcadis could only become a leader in their industry when they had reduced waste and were able to see clearly which of their systems needed to be eliminated. Through clear collaboration of systems, processes, and people, they were able to make the jump from #6 to #3 in the most recent ranking of International Design Firms.  




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