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This week Microsoft held their annual partner event –Inspire—in Washington D.C. Year in year out, Microsoft uses the partner event to launch new products and services, as well as demonstrate how and why partners can grow their business with Microsoft.

Partner First, Cloud First

Two strong themes that came out of the event is Microsoft’s ever increasing focus on building the intelligent cloud – and empowering their partners to achieve more together. Microsoft emphasized their commitment as an organization that is not only “Partner-Led”, but “Partner-First”. Ron Huddleston said that “Microsoft is a team to build, go to market, and sell with you.” This statement was followed up by an announcement that Microsoft is creating a new sales incentive to co-sell with Azure ISVs.

The competition for the foremost cloud provider is tight between Microsoft Azure, AWS, and the Google Cloud, but Microsoft used the Inspire event to point out where they excel in the arms race towards cloud ascendancy. In stark comparison to both AWS and GCP, Microsoft’s partner ecosystem employs a total of 17 million people. In addition, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella repeated Microsoft’s mission to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more with Microsoft’s ever-growing partner community and product lines.

Preparing Data for an AI Future

In line with Microsoft’s story of empowerment, they released Microsoft 365 – which combines Office 365 with Windows 10 and Mobility + Security. The promise of this new product is an “all inclusive” answer to productivity, security and cross-silo data management. The necessity for Microsoft 365 became clear when a Sonia Dara gave a demo of the new AI features built in – such as how AI is enhacing the grammar check in Word and helping extract quick insights from Excel. No longer will stand-alone data serve a purpose within organizations. The challenge is to connect and prepare all company data for the benefits of an AI future.

End-to-End Business Processes

On the topic of better information management, Nadella gave his vision on businesses of the future and the need to develop end-to-end processes to better facilitate customer interaction. He outlined what Microsoft is doing to integrate Microsoft 365, LinkedIn, and Dynamics 365 in order to help achieve the necessary data exchange to create business impact.

Fully in line with Microsoft’s vision, Mavim is also working to help our customers achieve greater business impact by improving information management across organization silos. The user-friendly Mavim platform empowers an organization's most valuable resource (people) to consume the right information at the right time, which enables them to dynamically orchestrate their interactions with customers. Mavim provides the flexibility to support process standardization, while leaving room for human ingenuity at the customer touchpoint.

The Mavim & Microsoft alliance unites Mavim's innovative solutions with Microsoft’s comprehensive digital technologies – including Microsoft Visio, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, SharePoint, Project PPM, Power BI, and Office 365 – to help you turn your digital enterprise vision into action. Mavim has built a repository under Microsoft Office that extends and expands upon the universal standard, Microsoft productivity suite. Due to the integration with Office 365 and Visio, our easy-to-use software enables you to leverage upon data stored in your existing Microsoft applications. Click here learn more about Mavim’s partnership with Microsoft.


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