Mavim And Uxc Eclipse: Working Together To Ensure The Success Of Your Business Critical Application

Mavim And Uxc Eclipse: Working Together To Ensure The Success Of Your Business Critical Application

Long-time Mavim partner UXC Eclipse was the 2015 winner of the Microsoft Dynamics Industry Partner of the Year Award. From a group of more than 2300 entrants spread over 108 countries, UXC Eclipse was recognized for providing outstanding solutions and services in Microsoft Dynamics.

The Mavim & UXC Eclipse Partnership

The UXC Eclipse Business Process Suites, built on the Mavim platform provide a systematic method for defining, analyzing, improving, and communicating business processes across an organization. The Business Process Suites have been developed for Microsoft Dynamics ERP (AX & NAV) in order to provide customers with a clear roadmap throughout their solution’s implementation. This enables end-users to adapt to the new technology, new systems and organizational change in a positive way.

Bradley Stroop, CEO, UXC Eclipse says, “Using Mavim, and the best-practice processes and methodologies we have developed around the software, has allowed UXC Eclipse to effectively ‘connect the dots’ between the three major components of a company: people, processes and technologies.”

The Mavim Global Partner Proposition

While Mavim possesses considerable expertise in-house, on a global scale, Mavim delivers no consultancy. Instead, we rely on our expansive partner network to deliver and fit our software solutions to the client’s expectations. UXC Eclipse is one of the foremost examples of how well this partnership can work. By providing innovative and industry-focused solutions, UXC Eclipse is a pioneer in using our software as the foundation for the selection, implementation, deployment and maintenance of business-critical applications.

The Mavim AIM Solution

In the current marketplace, customers are faced with an overabundance of ERP solutions. In spite of the fact that ERP implementations are large and pricey endeavors, Gartner research indicates that upwards of 80% of ERP systems fail to deliver desired results. How can you ensure that you keep your competitive edge on the market? In a few words: the Mavim Application Implementation Manager.

Mavim’s philosophy is that organization must precede automation, and overlooking the importance of this step frequently causes ERP implementations to run out of time and over budget. Mavim has developed a collaborative modelling & communication platform which supports the implementation and setup of an integrated ERP Solution during its entire lifecycle. AIM speeds up ERP implementations by providing a systematic approach to defining, analyzing, improving and communicating business processes throughout an organization. The clarity provided by Mavim AIM will not only accelerate your implementation, but will also minimize risk, increase user adoption and ultimately result in an improved return on investment. Due to its full Microsoft integration, end-users find the Mavim software to be extremely intuitive, because it works in the same way as the other Microsoft products with which they are familiar. This helps get new staff up to speed and with end-user adoption in general.