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Mavim is excited to be joining this year’s partner conference in Orlando! We look forward to listening, learning and sharing our experiences with Microsoft partners from around the world. On Monday morning, we had the opportunity to listen to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella present the new Cortana Analytics Suite. The Cortana Analytics Suite offers extensive analytics capabilities designed to drill down countless points of data into actionable results. This potential of this Suite was exemplified by North American Eagle, who are using the software to attempt to break the current land-speed world record. While the Cortana Analytics Suite is impressive in its ability to transform big data into actions that ultimately help reinvent business processes, what came across powerfully in the Monday morning session was the Microsoft commitment to building intuitive software solutions. While Microsoft showcased a diverse offering of technological innovations from Project GigJam to the Microsoft HoloLens, one of the underlying themes of the highlighted solutions was the user-friendly appeal. Fancy functionalities may please the techies of the world, but for the rest of us, technology is most useful and effective when it blends harmoniously into our lives. This theme of “feel at home” using our software, is something that Mavim strives to offer our partners and customers every day. With the familiar Microsoft application format, the end-user will “feel at home” when working to continuously manage and improve business processes in Mavim Rules. It is clear that Microsoft doesn’t believe that good software solutions need to be complicated to use—and neither do we. Another central (but not unexpected) theme of the conference is effective collaboration. Like Microsoft, Mavim values its partnerships and looks forward to the opportunity to expand our partner network. Already 1000+ strong, Mavim has connections that span the globe. By focusing on what we do best—Visio-based information management software--we offer potential partners the opportunity to collaborate in order to add value to both their propositions and our own. Together, Mavim and our partners are able to offer best-in-class solutions that capitalize on our collective expertise. In order for the partner channel to operate effectively, it has to be a mutually beneficial arrangement. For that reason, Mavim strives to keep our software simple to use, simple to implement, but even simpler for our partners to build upon. This allows our partners to keep their focus on what they do best. Take, for example, our partnership with the Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year 2015, UXC Eclipse. Utilizing the Mavim Application Implementation Manager, UXC Eclipse collaborates with Mavim to implement ERP systems on time and within budget. In the words of UXC Eclipse’s solution manager Tim Moddel, “With Mavim, UXC Eclipse moved from being just a technology solution provider to being a trusted business advisor.” We consider that a worthwhile return on investment.  


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