Mavim Launches Four New Modern Solutions on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Mavim Launches Four New Modern Solutions on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace
Written by Mavim

Mavim, a Microsoft Integrated Software Platform, launches four new solutions on the Azure Marketplace to ensure customers have multiple options to improve their bottom line and streamline operations.

Our new software solutions are designed to help businesses of all sizes streamline their operations and improve their bottom line. With AI enabled features and visualizations that can reduce costs, improve governance, deliver innovative customer experience, accelerate ERP/CRM implementations, and manage NO/LOW code solutions, our solutions are the perfect choice for businesses looking to improve their efficiency and productivity.

These solutions are now available on the Azure Marketplace. Our solutions are transactable (we create your private offer and financials will be taken care off by Microsoft) and MACC eligible, which means that customers can use their Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment to purchase our software.

Our Marketplace Listings include:

  • The Mavim App & Application Lifecycle Management Solution
    Manage the business usage, technical implementation, and cost effectiveness of your IT applications.
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  • The Dynamics 365 Implementation Accelerator
    Create predictable outcomes and reduce the total cost of ownership of your Dynamics 365 solution.
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  • The Mavim Business Process Management Platform
    Create context and visibility, deliver an innovative customer experience, improve your process quality, and reduce costs within your business operations.
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  • The Mavim Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO)
    Mine, Design, and Improve Digital Business Processes in one Microsoft-based platform.
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To learn more about our new software solutions and how it can help your business, visit us on the Azure Marketplace today or learn more on our website.  

Contact: Lieke Oude Wesselink