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Press Release: The Transformation Hub

March 17th—London, UK March 17th saw the official release of a joint proposition between tech giant Microsoft and advisory heavyweight EY, aptly named the Transformation Hub. For the first time, at the Gartner Business Transformation and Process Management Summit, this proposition was presented in detail to a room of 200+ delegates.  

Helping Address Transformation Failure

The Transformation Hub, or T-HUB, was developed as a joint proposition by EY, Microsoft, Novius and Mavim, to address the pressing problem of transformation failure. Countless studies have illustrated the alarmingly high failure rates of major transformation projects (upwards of 70%) and research organizations like Gartner are scrambling to offer a sustainable solution to clients that invest millions in their services. In reaction to the needs of their client base, the former Gartner Business Process Management Summit was re-named the Gartner Business Transformation and Process Management Summit, a name that reflects the shift from strictly business processes to total business transformation. Referencing Gartner’s change in focus, panelist Eric Sluis (former CIO of Achmea) noted, “that’s really the game, because business process management just brings you to more efficiency or more effective processes, but I think that complete enterprises need to be transformed.”  

What is the Transformation Hub?

The Transformation Hub is a packaged solution that empowers organizations to transform successfully from strategy to execution. While most companies have no problem developing innovative ideas, issues arise when said ideas need to be translated into action that is in line with strategic principles. When and if that hurdle is overcome, project execution is an ever-present challenge. The Transformation Hub was created to address these problems; this particular marriage of the experience and in-depth knowledge provided by the consulting firms Novius and EY, combined with cutting-edge technologies provided by Microsoft and Mavim, will free your organization up to devote energy to what is really needed—bringing your workforce along in the transformation. Ian White, Microsoft Director of Project and Visio in Western Europe, said this about the Transformation Hub: “The customer wins because they get access to the experience, capability, and framework that Novius brings. They win because they trust EY...They win because they have Mavim delivering technology that allows them to execute on this. And they win because they’ve already invested in Microsoft and now they can get more out of the products they have already invested in.” >


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