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In every Dynamics implementation, the biggest challenge lies in involving stakeholders and explaining how their work will be impacted. Failure to do this right causes delays in implementation, a mismatch between the way people work and how the system supports that work, which results in support of a lack of user adoption.  Mavim helps to overcome this challenge by enabling you to describe, visualize and report upon your organization’s processes. Process activities can be connected to relevant screens in the Dynamics 365 suite. Previously, we supported the connection with one Dynamics server. At the end of 2018, we launched a connector that enables you to connect to all the business applications within Dynamics 365, whether this is Sales, Finance, Customer Service or Operations. This provides a similar basis for the implementation of every Dynamics 365 business application. Not only does this improve the quality and coherence of implementation across all departments, but it also provides end-users with the same context from different perspectives. Want to see a 2 minute demo video?  Publication via the Mavim Portal allows you to communicate the processes, connected roles and Dynamics 365 screens to end-users. The connection of the Mavim Portal with Office 365 additionally helps you to bring all documentation, discussion and collaboration in your digital workplace into context. This helps create organization-wide awareness and ensures user buy-in. With Mavim’s collaborative portal functionalities, end-users are prompted to give feedback and follow-up throughout the process, which drives continuous improvement.   

Microsoft Lifecycle Services

Also launched in 2018 is the integration with Microsoft Lifecycle Services (LCS). LCS has been launched to help organizations manage their application lifecycles from pre-sales to implementation, to operations. It is a highly effective tool to improve the predictability of implementations by helping to define requirements, standardize processes and operations across the organization and reduce time to value.  As described earlier, Mavim helps you to build a 360 view of your organization. It also provides insight into which processes need to be supported by which Dynamics 365 business application, how this needs to be done and who will benefit from that. The objectives of using LCS overlap with the objectives for using Mavim. Using the two platforms simultaneously will reinforce each other. LCS provides the ‘technical’ perspective of the implementation while Mavim provides you with insight into the business’ needs and way of working. The connector between Mavim and LCS helps you to bring the two perspectives together, without extra work. It speaks for itself that both perspectives are paramount for a successful implementation.   

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