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For years, Microsoft has led the way in providing user-friendly technology that adds value across people’s personal and professional lives. Most recently, they’ve made waves by making Microsoft Teams free for personal use during the COVID-19 crisis. On top of that, Microsoft is now pushing the world forward by integrating AI into their standard Word and PowerPoint offerings. For Mavim, the decision to build our Digital Twin Technology on top of Microsoft’s boundary pushing tech stack was simple. Microsoft is clearly the future-proof choice. ;

Coming Soon to a (Home) Theater Near You:

On May 19th, Mavim will introduce our latest product to the market during our MavIMAGINE digital event.  Below you will find a sneak peek about one of the many things you can expect to hear during the program.

Co-Authoring Using Office for the Web

Microsoft Office for the web (formerly, Microsoft Office Online) empowers uses to open, edit and save Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents natively on the web. This includes Office Open XML files (docx, xlsx, pptx) as well as OpenDocument files (odt, ods, odp). Office for the web also makes it possible to open older Office file formats (doc, xls, ppt), but while opening, the documents will be converted to the newer Open XML formats to empower the user to edit them online.

Over the past year, Mavim has had the privilege of working with the Microsoft development team to design a best-in-class integration with Microsoft Office for the web. From the Mavim application, end-users will be able to open, view, edit, and save Office documents in Office for the web in the supported office file format.

co-authoring in office for the web

co-authoring in office for the web


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Value for Distributed Teams

While document editing in a browser may already feel like a step forward for some Mavim users, the real value for the future lies in the ability of Mavim to empower distributed teams to co-author content.  Many Mavim customers and partners don’t have the luxury of sitting next to each other to make the necessary edits to their environment to improve business performance; instead, this is done remotely.  However, as the COVID-19 crisis has made clear to all of us, remote working isn’t without its own hiccups – and co-authoring is one of those issues.  Now, instead of worrying that your edits will be overwritten by a colleague (or that the work will be done twice), Mavim will make it possible to experience true collaboration across time zones and workspaces.  Thanks to the integration with Office for the web, when multiple users edit a single document, the Office for the web service manages the document changes and any necessary merges internally.

Want to know more about this feature or curious about what else Mavim will be announcing during MavIMAGINE? Register here to join 1000+ process professionals on May 19th.


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