Using The Power Platform To Fuel Your Business Applications With Data From Your Single-Source-Of-Truth Mavim Repository

Using The Power Platform To Fuel Your Business Applications With Data From Your Single-Source-Of-Truth Mavim Repository
Written by Lennard van Leuven

In this digital transformation era, the need for storing, processing and (re)using information is high in every business and every department. Low code platforms like the Microsoft Power Platform, provide organizations the possibility to scale their process automation needs and build custom business applications faster. The rich set of connectors in the Power Platform provide an almost unlimited amount of possibilities, but it also brings risks around governance, information reliability and lack of confirmation to company processes. When every department creates business applications with data stored within their department and based on their perception of the process, it is very likely that the same information is used and interpreted differently within the organization.

“The principal garbage in, garbage out applies to all low code initiatives.”

Organizations use Mavim to create a single source of truth of how their organization works. Applications that are used within a company are managed by a central repository which describes the business processes and visualizes the operating model of the company, either by managing risks and controls in a centralized GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) repository or by creating an IT portfolio solution.

Two of the biggest benefits from having such a single source of truth are:

  1. Having one central repository that states how things work in the organization

 If you need to know how something works, there is only one place you can go to!

  1. Bringing it all together in a user friendly and easy to consume environment

Browse through the digital twin of the organization. See how your work is related to the bigger picture!

So, having a central repository that everyone in the organization can understand and use has been very useful for quite some time now. The next step is to ensure that not only do your employees use the logic and information from this single source of truth, but also your business applications tab which directs the essential information from it. By using the Mavim Power Platform connector, each department can now create business applications that use the same source for process information. Don’t ‘hard-code’ who is the approver in a process but look it up in your Mavim repository. Define your project methodology once in Mavim and use it to create tasks for every process you start. Build easy assessment tools that read and write to your GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) repository in Mavim or conduct IT inventory checks by sending out questionnaires to all your application owners directly from you centrally managed IT application landscape framework in Mavim.

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