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To further understand Business Process Management, Process Mining, and digital transformation, MSDW hosted a webinar today with Mavim and EY to discuss the importance of digitizing and visualizing your processes to improve your company's ways of working before you start a digital transformation program. The Mavim and EY partnership is built on a foundation to help your organization achieve process excellence, while also leading to reduced risk, faster time to value, and lower costs for your corporation as well as a foundation for continuous improvement. 

About the Webinar

This panel was led by industry experts Rick McCutcheon a Microsoft MVP, Erik Hoiden Managing Director at EY, Mavim’s Joey Koch, VP of Alliances and Mavim’s Leo Salomons, US Head of Value Engineers. The discussion between panel members started with understanding Business Process Management, Process Mining, and digital transformation and how they work in tandem with each other.

Digital Transformation is rapidly changing the way in which we do business. Integrating new technology into older structured, undigitized operations that were already comfortable for employees is a huge risk, and upper management is scared to undergo a digital transformation even though technology is growing so rapidly in the market. This concept of a digital transformation is an immense culture change especially over the past few years where the need to go digital has rapidly increased. This has required organizations to continually challenge their operational status quo, experiment, and get comfortable with new technology implementations. However, before undergoing a Digital Transformation, companies need to first VISUALIZE their current ways of working (processes) and really understand if these operational processes are providing the utmost benefits for the company. If you do not do this first and skip straight to a transformation or implementation, your company’s processes will go haywire.

This is where Business Process Management and Process Mining come in to save the day. A BPM platform like Mavim provides all the features and capabilities needed to truly understand each process for a task that needs to be completed in an agile manner. The Mavim Platform provides the cloud environment where all the processes are stored and blueprinted, making process understanding easy for any employee. Hoiden stated, “To be able to take a business process and show the right way of working in a flow manner, and then [provide the information] to show how the process should be completed in an application is so efficient. We do not do more than two-hour workshops now [with a BPM software as our core educator].”  

The ability to understand your current company and employee processes as one way of working is crucial for overall success and the ability to continuously improve. As organizations grow, creating one defined process that can easily be tweaked to fit the new requirements as digital transformations unfold to ensure that the old way of working in silos is no longer a thought of the present or the future.

Once one way of working is defined, Process Mining can analyze the performance of your processes and determine any bottlenecks that are taking away from making the processes more efficient and faster, which can then be visualized using Mavim’s digital twin of an organization technology These determinations and digital map of the as-is state lead companies to create the fastest way of working suitable for their internal departments and customers and allow them to see what their to-be picture could look like. 

Salomons stated, “Clients have an increased need for speed and agility in response to crises. Having a DTO where you can understand ways of working, if digital change is necessary for your organization, and [having a space] where you can assess the impact of the change and the implementation in the fastest way [is crucial for a successful digital transformation].”

Having a BPM platform is crucial as it means that your company now has all your operational information blueprinted in one place, and it makes it extremely easy for anyone to understand processes and gain insight to which you can manipulate the processes to adapt to your digital transformation quickly.

The speed of change and speed of understanding that change is extremely important.

As the conversation continued, the panel discussed how digital transformation is extremely tough, and that it was difficult for many during the pandemic to achieve a successful shift. Joey Koch mentions how companies that utilized Mavim gained a real proper foundation to start their transformation journey, and that the BPM software was the accelerator to overall transformation success. “Undergoing a digital transformation changes the way in which people work, behave, and use technology and with Mavim you can define your processes the right way and answer the question of do we actually do these processes the right way.”

Asides from the fantastic remarks across the panelists, one key takeaway from the webinar is that it is vital to stay relevant and to recognize that transformations are not just a one-off project, they require continuous improvement and monitoring. Moreover, to remain a competitor in your own market, you need to be able to keep up with the current digital transformation trends, by quickly adapting to them using a combination of BPM, Process Mining, and DTO technologies to embrace the change that is inevitable.

Interested in listening to the rest of the discussion? You can watch the rest here.


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