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Accelerate Your Dynamics AX7 Implementation

Business blueprinting is the project phase during an ERP implementation (or upgrade) when you channel the business’ requirements and define how business processes and organizational structure should be realized. Whether you are facing an upgrade to the latest version of Dynamics or have recently chosen for the Microsoft ERP package, you want to implement your solution within time, budget and scope. However, you’ve probably heard your fair share of Dynamics disaster stories, and maybe you’ve already read Panorama Consulting Solutions’ annual report on the largest ERP vendors in the market, which stated that Microsoft Dynamics averaged the longest (and most disruptive) implementation period. Looking to accelerate your Dynamics AX implementation? Listen to learn why Mavim is the software of choice for the 2015 Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year.




Challenges of Implementing Dynamics AX

  1. Lack of commitment from management
    Because ERP implementations attempt to change a business on an organizational level, senior management must be on board to help resolve conflicts quickly and effectively. Without commitment of management, ERP implementations have a high risk of failure.
  2. Ineffective communication with end-users
    In order to decrease the conflicts that naturally arise over the course of an ERP implementation, communication with all potential end-users must be continuous. This improves the chances of end-user investment.
  3. Insufficient training of end-users
    Intricately connected with end-user communication is sufficient end-user training. Without the proper training, end-users won’t feel that the management is committed to their success within the newly designed system. Training also helps improve end-user satisfaction by reducing opportunities for confusion and inaccuracy in daily work.
  4. Lack of effective project management
    Good project management plays a critical role in ensuring that implementation projects happen within the allotted time, budget, and scope. Because ERP implementations tend to underestimated in both required time and cost, project teams should work from clear guidelines and objectives to plan their work within the defined resource constraints.
  5. Misunderstanding of change requirements
    Although ERP implementations are largely approached as technological problems, the greatest causes for failure happen on the human side of change (think: resistance to change, project mismanagement, lack of management commitment). To remedy this, clear communication about what is expected from every impacted individual is a crucial element of the eventual success of an ERP implementation.

How to Successfully Implement Dynamics AX within Time, Budget, and Scope

Mavim’s state of the art software has been the key to success for hundreds of Dynamics implementations worldwide. The reason for this is that Mavim offers a solution that cuts to the core of ERP implementation successes: managing the “soft” side of change. The Mavim software delivers a communication platform & collaborative modelling environment that supports the implementation of an integrated ERP solution during its entire lifecycle.

Mavim’s Application Implementation Management solution (AIM) speeds up ERP implementations by providing a systematic approach to defining, analyzing, improving and communicating business processes throughout an organization. The clarity provided by Mavim AIM will not only accelerate your implementation, but will also minimize risk, increase end-user adoption and ultimately result in an improved return on investment. Due to its full Microsoft integration, end-users find the Mavim software to be extremely intuitive, because it works in the same way as the other Microsoft products with which they are familiar. This helps get new staff up to speed and with end-user adoption in general.

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