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Challenges of Business Process Blueprinting

Business blueprinting is the project phase during an ERP implementation (or upgrade) when you channel the business’ requirements and define how business processes and organizational structure should be realized. Blueprinting is critical to the ultimate success of an ERP implementation, but building the proper structure is time consuming. Best practice process suites can drive implementation, and help maximize your solution investment. The process suites can be easily managed and tailored to your organization and will accelerate your implementation, minimize risk, increase user adoption and ultimately result in an improved return on investment. However, the value extends beyond implementation by ensuring processes are continually performed in the most effective, efficient way.




Challenges of Business Process Blueprinting

There are significant challenges involved in the Blueprinting phase of ERP implementation/upgrade projects, which can undermine the ultimate benefits of your chosen solution, including:
  1. Lack of a central repository
    The necessary procedural information is often contained within files that are scattered throughout the organization. Without a central repository in which to store and document this data, it is nearly impossible for people to collaborate and analyze the process information.
  2. Lack of a common standard
    Most organizations model processes in accordance with a variety of different standards. Not only does this inconsistency make the process models hard to understand for everyone except the owner, it also makes it exceedingly difficult to determine the business requirements.
  3. Difficulty collaborating with the experts
    Another serious problem during the blueprinting phase comes about when there is no mechanism for process owners to collaborate with subject-matter experts. Without this level of verification, there is an increased risk that the final blueprint will be a document of poor quality.

Accelerate Your ERP Implementation with Mavim

Mavim, in partnership with UXC Eclipse and Infor, offers preconfigured Business Process Blueprints to accelerate the blueprinting phase of an ERP implementation. The existing process models can be easily enriched to map relevant business processes and then translated into software functionality. In addition, ERP implementation teams can run a fit/gap analysis to understand the impact and implications of making changes to their solution landscape.

After enriching your preconfigured Business Process Blueprint, you can leverage on the additional capabilities of the Mavim software by publishing to your intranet or Sharepoint portal to ensure that the most up-to-date information is given to the implementation team. What is more, stakeholders will be able to monitor progress and verify changes made to the existing processes in the familiar Microsoft Office environment.
  • One central repository within which to store and edit relevant documentation
  • One common language to communicate standards between business and IT
  • Effective translation of business requirements to software functionality
  • Reduction of cost and duration of ERP implementation
  • Process-driven test and training material

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