A Business Operating System

For many organizations, digital business holds the key to future growth; however, the challenges associated with the full integration of digital business can be overwhelming and costly. To avoid becoming a digital business in name only, CIOs need to be able to deliver on the chosen corporate strategy. It is not enough to be in possession of a portfolio of innovative ideas and projects—digital business requires delivering results in spite of the rapidly changing internal and external environment. Listen to Marc Kerremans, Lead Gartner Analyst, explain Mavim's value as a Business Operating System.

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The Business Navigation System

A Business Operating System--the business equivalent of an in-car navigation system--helps you by providing a map for the design and visualization of your journey. Your progress along the way is provided by an enterprise performance management framework, which aligns a diversity of measurement schemes to indicate where you stand. The real-time data that comes from the business operational intelligence component of the BOS creates situational awareness to let you know if there are any traffic jams or other hazards impeding you on your chosen route. The dynamic aspect of the BOS gives you the opportunity to recalculate your route and take a different, more efficient path to your desired destination.

Mavim Empowers an Integrated Approach to Transformation

Regardless of starting point. Or device.

Mavim empowers a collaborative approach to business process management and improvement. Read more
Mavim enables the inventory and management of application portfolios from one central location. Read more
Mavim facilitates collaborative modelling from a central repository. Due to its user-friendly Visio interface, our software requires minimal training, which accelerates the return on investment. Read more
Mavim helps organizations to connect and visualize information about policy, risks, and regulations in an integrated way that makes the relationship between business and IT-related goals visible. Read more
Mavim provides a systematic approach to defining, analyzing, improving and communicating business processes throughout an organization. Read more
Built upon Office 365 and Visio, Mavim helps business leaders choose projects that will contribute to corporate strategy and drive alignment between strategy and execution. Read more


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