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Lessons Learned from the Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year


The Customer Journey

There is no question that the most successful businesses are those that provide the best customer experience, and yet, rarely is business process management envisioned first and foremost as a way to improve the customer experience. Listen to Russell Gordon of award winning Dynamics partner, UXC Eclipse, illustrate how BPM is proving to be a powerful way for organizations to provide customer satisfaction in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Four Ways Business Process Management Improves the Customer Journey

  1. Improved product, service quality, and delivery timelines
    BPM improves overall quality by considering the process from the customer’s point of view. In the same way, BPM puts the customer’s needs first when discussing process improvement.
  2. Increased personalization
    Traditional organizational frameworks divide people into departments. Apart from the potential downsides this division might have on business operations, considering an organization as comprised of departments instead of people destroys the customer experience. BPM helps to unify customer touch-points, which leads to the type of personalization that results in increased customer satisfaction.
  3. Customer-centric decision making
    While many organizations make decisions solely in view of how it affects their bottom line, BPM brings the focus back to the people that comprise the organization. This allows a company to envision the impact of a particular decision from a customer’s point of view, which provides a fuller picture of the ramifications of a choice than financial considerations alone could provide.
  4. Lower Cost of Operation
    BPM lowers costs by streamlining processes across an organization so that they can be easily understood and managed, and so that risks can be mitigated and waste can be reduced. These savings can then be passed on to customers in the form of reduced prices.





How UXC Eclipse Became the Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year

Long-time Mavim partner UXC Eclipse was the 2015 winner of the Microsoft Dynamics Industry Partner of the Year Award. From a group of more than 2300 entrants spread over 108 countries, UXC Eclipse was recognized for providing outstanding solutions and services in Microsoft Dynamics.

The UXC Eclipse Business Process Suites, built on the Mavim Transformation Platform, provide a systematic method for defining, analyzing, improving, and communicating business processes across an organization. The Business Process Suites have been developed for Microsoft Dynamics ERP (AX & NAV) in order to provide customers with a clear roadmap throughout their solution’s implementation. This enables end-users to adapt to the new technology, new systems and organizational change in a positive way.

Bradley Stroop, CEO, UXC Eclipse says, “Using Mavim, and the best-practice processes and methodologies we have developed around the software, has allowed UXC Eclipse to effectively ‘connect the dots’ between the three major components of a company: people, processes and technologies.”

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