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Microsoft Dynamics Success Story

How a Dutch Supermarket Chain is Creating Fans, Not Just Customers

Established in 1933, DEEN has grown in recent years to become one of the most important retailers in the Netherlands. As business flourished, DEEN sought out a transformation program that would help drive continuous business improvement in customer satisfaction, average revenue per customer, growth in market share and improved overall margins. To reach the goals of reducing operational costs, increasing agility and decreasing the risk of failure during change projects, DEEN replaced several legacy systems with Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM.

Five Keys to Success with Dynamics AX & CRM in the Retail Industry (from the CIO)

  1. To stay competitive, you have to become customer-centric
    To rise to the top of an increasingly competitive retail market, DEEN recognized the need to adjust to their business model to the ever-changing needs of the customer. Customer centricity is a strategy based on putting your customer first, and at the core of your business. Yet, executing a customer-centric strategy doesn’t happen without a considerable shift of both the business & IT.
  2. When the business changes strategy, IT must follow.
    When the business chose to adopt a customer-centric strategy, Koen understood that the IT department had to follow. During the economic downtown, customers became more selective with which brands they chose to spend their money. Gone are the days when mis-alignment between business & IT delivers products and services that garner brand loyalty.
  3. A business blueprint gives shape to your transformation journey
    To make the desired shift, DEEN used Mavim to create a business blueprint that specifically documented the current and desired situations. This blueprint served as the starting point for the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM, the replacement of legacy systems and the necessary interfaces with the remaining systems. The 360° view enabled DEEN to run a fit/gap analysis that helped define the requirements of the business in order to accelerate the digital transformation.
  4. Mavim accelerates the implementation of Dynamics.
    Using the insight derived from the business blueprint, DEEN was able to implement Dynamics AX within time and budget. In Koen’s own words, he argued for the benefits of Mavim as a governance tool, saying, “All the details of all the project steps were recorded in Mavim. The governance was so high level, that within budget, within time, we delivered the first version of Dynamics AX.”
  5. As a loyal Microsoft customer, Mavim perfectly fit the needs of Koen’s IT department.
    To support their Microsoft solutions, DEEN invested in Mavim to help organize business information and facilitate collaboration among end users. With Mavim’s publishing (via SharePoint) and feedback (via Yammer) functionalities, DEEN was able to ensure collaboration among project teams, which ultimately made their digital transformation easier to plan and govern.

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