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The Day After Tomorrow: Building a Regulatory Ready Operating Model

The far-reaching nature of the GDPR has made it clear that most organizations need a new approach to address regulation and regulatory reform. The sheer breadth and scope of a regulatory change such as the GDPR easily illustrates that interim, Band-Aid type approaches no longer suffice. Instead, organizations should aim to institute a robust, sustainable regulatory-ready operating model.

A regulatory-ready operating model will not only increase efficiency but can serve as a strategic opportunity. As companies become more adept at defining roles and responsibilities and understanding the way information flows through the organization, making regulatory changes becomes an integrated part of daily operations. Not only that, but there is a significant competitive advantage to be gained by better connecting an organization’s strategy, operating model, and technology with solid compliance and risk management requirements and controls.

Many companies are looking to ease the burden of compliance to the changing regulatory environment, but few have taken the next step and established strategies for ensuring compliance into the future and unlocking the opportunities that compliance provides. In this whitepaper, you will learn more about how a platform based approach to regulatory compliance will ultimately engage stakeholders, improve accountability, and increase agility in compliance to future regulation. A case study will be used to illustrate not only how it has been done before—but also the impact that this approach can have.

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