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International Conference on Process Mining

31 October - 4 November 2021

The research field of process mining has always been firmly anchored in real-life applications. The close relationship within the industry is fostered by both researchers and process mining practitioners. The ICPM conference is a platform for researchers to meet and discuss the latest developments, whether they are technical in nature or more application oriented. This year's edition was filled with scientific lectures, tool demonstrations and roundtable discussions, as well as workshops on emerging themes and an Industry Day featuring industry speakers, which complemented the program.


Usecase Cargill

Industry Day

Each year, the Industry Day provides a stage for process mining professionals to show how process mining has helped them improve their business. Moreover, other process miners can learn from the experiences of their colleagues and scientists can identify new research challenges. One of this year’s use cases was presented by our client Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate (CCC). Cargill has been working on their process transformation program using process mining techniques on Order-to-Cash process by partnering with Mavim. Cargill presented its strategic journey of leveraging process mining to understand and control the process variants their business entails to expedite current processes and to understand and find process improvement opportunities. Using latest mining techniques, it shows the possibility to not only understand large amounts of data but also turn them into powerful insights and real outcomes. Furthermore, setting up a CoE at the same time within the business provides cross-functional expertise and mining capabilities which have shown impeccable results. Cargill is spearheading its way in the food industry by linking process mining to its continuous improvement program by enabling & realizing green and black belt project ideas linked to mining results.


Process Mining

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