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Webinar Make GDPR Work

The 25th of May has come and gone, tons of enterprise resources have been invested, but many organizations are just realizing that compliance to the GDPR isn’t simply a tick-box activity.  Becoming and staying compliant requires a comprehensive and ongoing approach that cuts to the heart of the way an organization operates.

The GDPR still isn’t systematically embedded in many companies.  Most organizations have taken some measures; perhaps an assessment has been done and some projects defined but this doesn’t provide the full picture of compliance, because GDPR compliance isn’t complete upon the completion of a couple assessments or projects.

Does this sound familiar? Then join Microsoft & Mavim for a webinar to learn more about how to learn more about how a platform-based approach to compliance will empower you and your organization to align your GDPR initiatives with in-flight projects, existing assets, and strategic goals and objectives in order to visualize the interdependencies that impede the transformation into a GDPR compliant organization.


What you will learn:

  • How to embed your GDPR projects in your organization – and how to deliver results that have demonstrable impact on the strategic direction of the organization.
  • How to create a holistic view of your organization across all business units, key partners, risk & compliance functions, as well as product & service lines.
  • How a process-focused approach to GDPR compliance provides clarity for stakeholders, which improves the likelihood of transformation success.
  • How to become an "adaptive enterprise" by leveraging a platform-based way of working.

Webinar Make GDPR Work

tue 19 november 2019 13:30 - 14:00 Online

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