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The value of Processing Mining within ABE Cotton

Wednesday, June 2nd | 11:30 - 12:00 (EST) | 17:30 - 18:00 (CET)

How does a business measure success without implemented processes across an organization and without compliance? This is a question that Fred Koning of ABE Cotton does not have to worry about thanks to his implementation of Mavim. As an expert in continual improvement, change management, and compliance, Fred relies on Mavim’s software to simplify the intricacies associated with data and processes that are constantly evolving within ABE Cotton. 

Thanks to his extensive years of knowledge in the business world, he recognizes that compliance across an organization requires transparency backed by continuous improvement to ensure cost reduction and customer satisfaction. Using Mavim’s process mining software, his company can visualize where processes are deviating, while allowing them to quickly correct these processes and make broad improvements across the greater organization. In an interview with Mavim’s CEO Jean-Jacques Vossen, the two will discuss how Fred utilizes Mavim’s software on a day to day basis and why it remains crucial to his company’s short and long term success.  

Keynote speaker

Fred Koning

Fred Koning is co-founder and director of operations at ABE Cotton where he focuses on the importance of compliance, continual improvement and change management, within the manufacturing industry. Fred knows the importance of process management and how even the smallest change can impact an organization. 

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