As an independent software vendor, we consider it to be our duty to protect the information assets we manage on behalf of customers and partners as well as our own information assets. To achieve this, Mavim B.V. (Mavim) declares the adoption of this information security statement and its implementation.
  • Mavim maintains an information security management system to control its information assets appropriately.
  • Mavim applies internal rules and regulations to ensure compliance with this statement.
  • Mavim enforces training on information security to all its staff and security training is a mandatory part of the on-boarding process.
  • Mavim implements human, organizational, and technological security controls to protect its information assets from unauthorized access, leakage, modification, theft/loss, denial of service attacks, or any other threat.
  • Mavim invokes thorough root cause analysis, short term damage limitation, expedited incident resolution, plus longer term problem resolution, as part of a corrective action plan, if required, should a potential threat/threat to information assets occur.
  • Mavim complies with the Dutch and European law and regulations related to information security as well as industry standards.
  • Mavim continuously reviews and improves those activities listed above.