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Business Transformation Framework

An Introduction to the Business Transformation Framework

The Business Transformation Framework is a framework in the Mavim software that ensures effective tuning of business organization and information system management. Customer needs, products, services, channels, business processes, management and organization on one side and IT requirements, data, information systems and infrastructure on the other. With BTF these different organizational elements are completely aligned, resulting in maximizing business results.

By leveraging the BTF in the Mavim software, companies can embed the benefits of the framework more broadly in their organization.

Benefits of the Business Transformation Framework

  • BTF increases organizational agility:

    BTF is not a one-time process. Implementing BTF will ensure that getting from strategy to execution will be a continuous organizational process. Strategy formulation, defining target situations and project execution will be effectuated in a continuous and coherent manner, hereby increasing the agility of the organization. BTF gives your organization the competitive edge needed to quickly address and implement desired or required changes.

  • Using BTF results in a prioritized portfolio of projects

    Because of the clear vertical alignment, BTF makes clear what the strategic contribution is of a (proposed) project. Hence, resources can be divided among projects in a rational manner.

  • BTF ensures clear project overview

    In our daily work, we often encounter organizations who design a new strategy and then go straight to project execution. As time continues, nine out of ten times, these organizations do not know how many projects are currently being executed anymore. Let alone they know what the strategic contribution of each of the individual projects is. BTF ensures that you know at all times, for all projects, why it is being executed and how it will help the company in realizing the strategy.

  • BTF gives meaning to strategy

    Organizational strategy provides the overall direction and choices made for the future. However, business units, departments or employees might interpret strategy in a different way. Or they only focus on specific elements of the strategy, because they perceive this as being the most important aspect. Using BTF results in a collective understanding of the strategy. Besides, BTF ensures that all company elements together focus on realizing the complete strategy instead of just a specific part.

  • BTF can easily be implemented

    BTF can easily be implemented in your existing operation. Hence, the multiple advantages can quickly be realized. Furthermore, BTF is suitable for solving multiple different kinds of organizational problems.

  • BTF ensures that issues are addressed in a holistic manner

    Organizations often quickly want to respond to environmental changes, innovations or new technologies. Examples are customer journey mapping and big data integration. However, the business will never fully benefit if implementations are not done in a holistic manner. When big data is going to be used to better serve the customer, the related organizational processes and information systems should also be addressed and improved. Finally, the IT-infrastructure cannot be forgotten. Although many organizations realize this, BTF ensures that these steps are always taken. Furthermore, BTF makes sure that the effects on the existing strategy and the running projects is being addressed.

  • BTF is Agile

    With BTF the necessary long term, top down, process of strategic planning belongs to the past. Because of the vertical and horizontal coherence provided by the BTF, projects with a high strategic contribution can be started within weeks. The framework can be addressed top to bottom and left to right for a theme or an element in one or more sprints. Using the structure will always result in projects related and contributing to the strategy.

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