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Mavim Mining

Mavim Mining is the Mavim Platform's own Process Mining solution. We offer Mavim Mining in our Enterprise license. Mavim Mining helps you achieve a higher ROI by being able to make fact-based analyses on the process and apply improvements to it. These improvements can then be measured fact-based to achieve the desired result. With our license, you can reduce process analysis and transformation costs by more than 90%.

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Who can use Mavim Mining?

Process Mining can be used in many different industries and for different purposes.  First, Process Mining can be used by internal employees (such as IT departments, process managers and data science teams) and by external service providers (such as auditors and consultants). With our modern Process Mining software, you don't have to be an expert in process optimization to achieve results.  Even end users without programming experience can use our Process Mining tool.  Industries  that already use these tools include manufacturing, healthcare, government agencies, telecommunications, finance, banking, and more.

What do I need to get started?

For starters, you need Process Mining software - at Mavim you can get acquainted with Mavim Mining without obligation through our Training Process Mining.

This software processes, loads and transforms a lot of data for you, making it easy to use.  In order to be able to analyze, you also need data stored in your IT systems.  Finally, Process Mining uses data in a so-called event log.  Event logs are databases that store the following information: CaseID, Timestamp, Activity Name.  These three things must be available for the software to analyze your processes.

What does Process Mining help you to find?

You can visualize your real process and determine where optimization is needed.  After all, there is no point in improving something that does not need improvement.  Process Mining can help  demonstrate problems such as repetitions or reworks, which are always a waste of time, money and employee work.  You can address other bottlenecks by proposing an analysis of the cause, which will determine exactly what is causing delays.  In addition, Process Mining can find violations of compliance processes in your system.  Compliance violations include placing orders without approval, process steps that are skipped or executed in the wrong order. All these things affect efficiency, quality and risk management.

what is Process Mining?

What are improvement strategies?

Although business owners often have an idea of where the improvement potential lies, real areas for optimization can remain hidden.  Process Mining generates a priority list for  your  improvement strategy.  One way to do this is with Root Cause Analysis – which reveals the root causes of problems in your process.  Moreover, an often overlooked advantage of Root Cause Analysis  is that it can also find the reasons why your efficient processes work well.  This can  help you to improve your optimization measures.  Process Mining can also locate key performance indicators (or KPIs) and monitor key indicators,  providing you flexibility and insight into your process.

What are some features of the second generation Process Mining tools?

Second generation Process Mining tools like Mavim Mining include additional features. Of course, with Mavim Mining, you can still visualize your data and provide a detailed analysis, but it can do even  more.  You can compare your actual processes with each other or with a target model.  Different types of comparative analytics allow you to define and verify relevant KPIs.  The advanced monitoring functionality includes setting alerts for KPI values, viewing improvement development, adjusting your strategy and uncovering new areas for improvement.  All of these features make it easier to work together between departments to solve a problem.  Finally, second generation Process Mining tools can help you track your process in real time, start optimization measures, and compare your processes.

Process Mining

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