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Mavim Process Mining

Mavim Process Mining: value enabled

Organizations can be hard to understand. And the processes within them? Harder still. Process Mining reveals what’s really going on, in clear diagrams and workflows with the numbers put in. Giving you a complete operational model of your business, with its moving parts—and their effects—made plain. A model that helps you manage. Transform. Make better. That’s process mining.


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Who is Process Mining for?

Mavim process mining helps you see the world as it really is. Taking its data not from asking people what they do—that’s a question you’ll get a thousand answers to—but from actual transactional data within your business. It’s a real-world view. For people facing real-world tasks. Like compliance monitoring. Conformance checking. Performance benchmarking. It’s for people who follow workflows, strive for advantage, drive out costs from the value chain. In other words, it’s for most of us.


What problem does it solve?

The trouble with most processes is that problems aren’t obvious. There may be one agreed procedure for paying suppliers—but is everyone using it? And is that process the best way? Every forked process, every drag factor in the way people work, is wasting resources. Multiply all those little frictions by the hundreds or thousands of interlocking processes in your business model, and the numbers get serious. Multi-digit percentages off margins. Millions of dollars on your cost base. All invisible. All avoidable. With the right improvement strategy.

How does it help you improve?

A map of your operational model shows you where you are now. But any strategy for improvement has another part: where do you want to be? Mavim process mining lets you plan that Situation B: your target operational model. Play out scenarios with What-if analysis, see the effect of a change as it ripples across your business, estimate the hours and dollars it’ll save. All before rolling it out for real.


What is Process Mining?

The special value Mavim adds

With Mavim, process mining isn’t a static snapshot, but the real world, in real time. A digital twin of your organization mapped out from actual transactions. That makes it a playground for innovation. When you make changes, you don’t have to close your eyes and hope: your digital twin shows you how they’re working in real life. You can see how many variants vanished and which weak points persist. With documented processes connected to the real world, you can see who’s following the right ones . . . and who needs a nudge.


What you need to get started

Some of it you’ve got already. Because Mavim process mining uses tools many people know and use every day. Microsoft Power BI. Visio. You don’t need to learn endless new processes to map out your existing ones. Which means the adoption curve for putting a new process in place is shallower. People don’t have to look things up in a dusty binder: best practice is drawn up and documented, in an application familiar to millions. A demo makes everything clear.


Ask Mavim to introduce you to process mining

A great business thinker said: If you can measure it, you can manage it. Mavim goes one better: if you can model it, you can manage it. Map your operational model as a real-time “digital twin”,  plan an improvement strategy with a target model, and see how to get from A to B. It all starts with your next step: seeing Mavim Process Mining in action.


Online Demo

Customer Profile Dela

Alfo Melisse is the CIO of DELA. DELA is a large insurance and funeral care company in The Netherlands. DELA are using Mavim to improve their customer journey services and funeral insurance. The transformation in their IT landscape is extremely complex, because there are so many controls that they have to comply with. Working with Mavim means that DELA can meet their goals, even when they're in the middle of a strategic transformation. They have got a strong reputation for being the best large-company employer in the Netherlands. And they have already reached twice the customer satisfaction score that they set as their goal for this year.


Customer Profile 4PET

Waste plastic doesn’t arrive ready to recycle. It needs processing. And that impacts laws about water quality, worker safety food handling and a hundred other areas. Fred Koning, director of operational excellence & external affairs at 4PET; Mavim doesn’t just give us forms and documents for compliance. It connects to the actual business processes in our plants, following their inputs and outputs in real-time. Which means the data is real-time, too.

This simplifies things. For example, when different agencies need similar reports and audits – as often happens – they can be answered by a single process, a single control. And it lets us map our compliance controls – the criteria we need to follow - onto the actual processes they relate to, as they happen. So staying compliant doesn’t mean interviewing someone, or compiling spreadsheets, or searching for last month’s data. The information’s all there, ready to consult as needed.


Process Mining


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