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Mavim Mining & Power BI

I understand Process Mining, ... but what is BI?

Business Intelligence (BI) platforms include data collection, evaluation and presentation procedures with the aim of increasing value added, reducing costs and minimizing risk.  BI gathers data, shows patterns and discontinuities, and answers previously defined questions. A good BI tool should be easy to use and flexible, but still be a single platform model.  It should have improved analytics, including simplifying and automating tasks.  An effective BI tool also offers a variety of data visualization features and is easy for all users in your business, enabling communication and collaboration. For starters, you need to have a predefined question or analysis that you want to perform. 

Why link Process Mining to a BI platform?

If you look at BI and what it can do, you would think you no longer need a Process Mining tool. After all, Bi already has great analysis and visualization capabilities. However, Process Mining takes a different approach by looking at your processes end-to-end rather than just isolated KPIs. This means that you don't need a predefined question to start your analysis.  Process Mining shows you your  'as is’ processes, identifies unknown bottlenecks and identify optimization measures, defines relevant KPIs and monitors progress. This does not mean that Process Mining is better than BI; it means that they are best used together to achieve the best results. 

Why Mavim Mining and Power BI?

Since its introduction in 2014, Power BI has grown to become the market leader in the BI market. Power BI is part of Office 365 and Microsoft's Power Platform, which is used by most companies and organizations around the world as a primary office suite.  It meets all the criteria of highly advanced BI tools, including easy to use, cloud-based, ability to manage large quantities of data, integration with Microsoft or non-Microsoft tools and products, and more. Adding all of these features to the benefits of Mavim Mining create the perfect match.  Mavim Mining is simply built on the Power BI platform, allowing clients to use the best of Power BI and Mavim Mining all in one solution.  Because Mavim Mining runs smoothly inside the Power BI infrastructure, users find it a natural choice for them.  Mavim Mining users can simultaneously use Microsoft AI, machine learning, and Q&A for their process data – and use monitoring capabilities to keep track of key metrics.  You can easily share your Process Mining results across applications, making it easy to collaborate for process improvement.  Pairing these two allows us to democratize BI and Process Mining – making its benefits accessible to businesses across the globe.

Process Mining

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