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Conformance checking with process mining

Conformance checking

Conformance checking of business processes is a family of process mining techniques to compare a process model with an event log of the same process.  It is used to verify that the actual execution of a business process, as recorded in the event log, matches the model and vice versa.  For example, there may be a process model that indicates that purchase orders of more than one million euros require two checks.  Analysis of the event log shows whether or not this rule is being followed.

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A multinational Fast Moving Consumer Goods company was forced to start focusing on operational efficiency because their margins were lagging behind those of their competitors.  To be able to improve their process performance, it was essential to document all of their processes properly.  Documenting all of these turned into a lengthy and costly exercise and much to their surprise, after two years had not led to any concrete operational improvement realization.

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Less variations

Increased conformance

Accelerated approval


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