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Process Mining

Process Mining may seem somewhat ambiguous  to those who   are not familiar with it.  If  that's the case with you, you're in the right place! Process Mining can be complex and versatile: here we introduce you to what it is, how it can help you, what you need to start, and more.  Read more about our integration with Power BI  – and how this can give your organization an edge over the competition. 

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What is a process?

In Process Mining, a process is a chain of events consisting of process steps with a clear start and end activity.  These process steps are individual actions or events in the process.  A simplified example is when a customer places an order and you deliver the product/service. Those are clear start and end points.

What is Process Mining?

The term Process Mining actually describes a mix of technologies and methods that fall into the broader category of business process management. It uses actual data to visualize the process. The main goals of Process Mining are to analyze how digitized processes actually perspire, how they differ from the ideal model, when or what bottlenecks arise, what optimization measures need to be taken, to eventually start improving the process. 

Process Mining met Mavim

What are some of the benefits of Process Mining?

Process Mining allows you to optimize your processes at the touch of a button, rather than by conducting interviews and analyzing the results.  It allows you to view your actual processes in  an objective, factual way.  By displaying the whole process from start to finish, it becomes  easier to locate problems and determine the potential for improvement.  The process flow can  show you all deviations, skipped steps, reworks and more. 

Nowadays, a digitized process can be used for process mining to gain factual insights into how the process actually runs.  By leveraging increased transparency to a higher rate of transformation agility.  You can use Process Mining to get an edge on your competition, to be proactive in your  optimization strategy, to continuously monitor your processes and to improve performance in general.

Process Mining

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