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Product Update | july 2019 | Highlights

BPMN 2.0 Collaboration & Orchestration

BPMN 2.0 is fully supported in this version. This new feature makes it possible to model in line with existing diagramming techniques without compromising on the accessibility and user-friendliness.

BPMN models can be flexibly placed in the tree structure and thanks to the support in the hierarchy, multiple diagrams can be built on top of one another. In addition, the layout and drag & drop functionality, whereby existing processes can easily be re-used, have been considerably improved and the use of message flows is now supported.

Mavim Portal Statistics

As a Mavim administrator, you spend time ensuring the optimal use and implementation of Mavim within your organization. With this new functionality, you can now see whether this information is actually reaching the end-users! Mavim Portal Statistics will show you the pages visited, topics searched, and report views, etc. Want to know more? Click here for a short demo.

Input categorization & management

Now you can structure input from end users by adding labels. When input is submitted, you can name it, provide it with a certain color and then assign it. Additionally, you can export all input in one go (on all versions and all forms) to Excel (.html format) for archiving purposes.

Navigation Improvements

Various improvements have been made to the Mavim Portal to optimize navigation. For example, as an administrator you can now choose which default navigation is used within your organization. The "back button" now works in the way users expect - more like it does within other applications.


We are continuously working to deliver a product that meets the security needs of our customers. Mavim makes use of a number of global standards to be able to ensure that we can support your preferred way of managing users in your organization. In previous releases, we have mentioned that we support MFA, OKTA and Hello ID.

Office 365

The Office 365 connection gives you the ability to directly display associated documents - from SharePoint - in the Mavim Portal. You can determine which columns are shown and you can rename columns (Title, Last Modified and Author) yourself, so that they better meet the needs of your end users. Improvements have also been made to the speed of the connection.

Display external content in the Mavim Portal

Mavim provides a 360o view of an organization. You can connect all the assets in your organization and from this you can distill reports and generate visualizations. You already had the ability to create dashboards or refer to videos or other websites - in both text and visuals . Now it is also possible to display all types of external content in the Mavim Portal via an iframe. For example, you can show the dashboard next to the specific process or, for example, publish training content or instructional videos in the Mavim Portal. You can also create your own tabs and give them a name, so that they fit optimally within your organization.

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