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Product Update | july 2019 | Improvements

This release contains new functionalities and improvements. These can be found in both the Mavim Portal and the Mavim Manager. To take advantage of all the new improvements, both the Mavim Manager & the Mavim Portal need to be updated. Below you will find a complete overview of the new functionalities.

  • In the Office 365 document library integration, the document name and the document title will be available to be made into hyperlinks for end-users
  • In this version, a user who wants to open a Visio diagram that has already been opened by another user will be notified. Because Visio does not have multi-user functionality, a Visio diagram can now only be opened by one person at a time. This will help prevent potential data loss among users who are working together to make changes in Visio.
  • In this version, field relationships are also included in the Word publication.
  • Flows can be automatically copied to new versions.
  • Comments on notes / feedback are included in the export.
  • Attachments to notes become a hyperlink with an export so that you can easily navigate to the file.
  • Users who have submitted a note automatically receive a notification when their note has been responded to.
  • Dynamic links to the Infor forms are available for Infor ERP users.
  • The new display options in the toolbar are nicely in line with the Microsoft Office look & feel.
  • Extensive support is available for SAML and OpenID Connect for Single Sign-On.
  • When a publication to a Microsoft Office product has been completed, it will no longer be opened immediately. Instead, you will see a dialog window that directly opens the location of the document. This ensures less dependence on other systems.
  • The demand for printing from the portal is falling sharply. However, this functionality requires considerable server capacity. It has therefore been decided to disable this functionality as standard, so that the majority of our customers experience the benefits of faster publication.Do you want to use the print functionality? Report this to our Service Desk!

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