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Product Update | December 2018 | Fixes

In addition to the new functionalities and improvements, we have fixed a number of bugs. In order to use the latest version of the Mavim software, both the Mavim Portal and Mavim Manager need to be updated. Below you will find an overview of the processed fixes:

  • It was not possible to create a hyperlink to a linked copied topic. For easier navigation, this functionality is now built-in.
  • Adding a hyperlink in a table led to an error message in some cases. This is no longer the case.
  • When you copied a topic from the tree and then pasted it into the relationship screen, the relationship type changed in some cases. Because this is not desirable, this has now been solved in such a way that the relationship type remains the same.
  • In a relationship window with many relationships, the context menu did not show the option to 'paste'. This has been resolved
  • Opening an SQL database with a diagram name of more than 30 characters resulted in an error message. This is no longer the case.
  • When a publication for the Portal contained a file name with many characters, an error message was displayed. This has been resolved.
  • The date in a completed web form was not shown properly in the overview. Now this date is clearly shown, so that it is visible when a web form has been completed
  • When linking an .mp4 file to the Mavim Manager, it was not shown in the Mavim Portal. This has been modified so that links can now be made to videos.
  • E-mails from the Mavim Portal were always sent in English, even if the language was set to Dutch. Now e-mails are sent in the language according to the chosen setting.
  • When a change was made to the layout tab in the report definition screen, no prompts were made to save changes. Now this option is shown.
  • A BPMN 2.0 collaboration page was shown with an empty space on the left. This has been adjusted.
  • In the previous version it was not possible to change the order of topics in the "edit version definition" screen. This has been changed in this version.
  • Exporting to Microsoft Life Cycle Services only worked in the 32 bit version of the Mavim Manager. Now this is also possible in the 64 bit version.

Known issue: in rare occasions, an error appears when saving an ArchiMate drawing. This will be solved in the next release. Questions? Please contact our service desk.

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