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Product Update | December 2018 | Highlights

Display external content in the Mavim Portal

Mavim provides a 360o view of an organization. You can connect all the assets in your organization and from this you can distill reports and generate visualizations. You already had the ability to create dashboards or refer to videos or other websites - in both text and visuals . Now it is also possible to display all types of external content in the Mavim Portal via an iframe. For example, you can show the dashboard next to the specific process or, for example, publish training content or instructional videos in the Mavim Portal. You can also create your own tabs and give them a name, so that they fit optimally within your organization.

Connecting content in Mavim to the Dynamics suite

A large number of partners and customers use Mavim during the implementation of Dynamics 365. Mavim describes the processes supported by Dynamics and the relevant screens from the Dynamics suite are linked to the processes in Mavim. In this way, new users can easily be trained and always have contextual help at their disposal. From Mavim you can connect to all different servers in the Dynamics suite, so that the same context can be viewed from all angles. This ensures that implementations are executed better and faster.

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