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Product Update | December 2018 | Improvements

This release contains new functionalities and improvements. These can be found in both the Mavim Portal and the Mavim Manager. To take advantage of all the new improvements, both the Mavim Manager & the Mavim Portal need to be updated. Below you will find a complete overview of the new functionalities.

  • Increasingly, users are simultaneously working on content in the Mavim Manager. To gain insight into who is active with specific content in the Mavim Manager, you will now receive a notification when a diagram has been opened by another user. This prevents schedules from being processed simultaneously by different users.
  • When personal upgrades were made in the cloud, the personal settings were lost. We have now ensured that the font and the font size remain unchanged, so that you can get started right away.
  • In the previous version we made adjustments to the relationship screen, whereby a double click only served to open a document, for example. A number of customers have indicated that they would also like to be able to navigate to the corresponding topic by means of a double click in the relationship screen. That is why we have changed this functionality and you can now navigate and open schedules and documents by means of a double click in the relationship screen - depending on the relationship.
  • Due to all underlying connections, opening a topic with many relationships took a relatively long time. Because we have improved the performance of opening topics with a large number of relationships, such topics open much faster now.
  • We are constantly working on improving the security of Mavim and we conduct tests on a frequent basis. We received feedback from one of our test partners that the error page showed a version number. This did not lead to security issues, but unnecessary information was provided. That is why another screen is shown where no further data can be seen.
  • Mavim allows Microsoft Word documents to be imported and versions to be compared. For this, Microsoft Word no longer needs to be installed on your computer. The files are now immediately opened and saved from the Mavim Manager, without opening or closing Word. This contributes to faster performance of the software.
  • As part of our continuous improvement process for access management and security, we now also support Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) when logging into an Azure SQL database. Various adjustments have also been made to simplify the management and sharing of databases.

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