Want to innovate? Break the Rules!

Noordwijk, March 30th, 2017 - At a crowded release event, appropriately themed "Want to innovate? Break the Rules!", Mavim released the latest version of their software. In addition to a new look and feel, the new software has a new name. Formerly Mavim Rules, the software will simply be called Mavim. This latest release reflects Mavim's mission to create simplicity in a world of increasing complexity by streamlining the user experience from every angle.

The newest version of the software empowers the visualization, alignment, and prioritization of innovation initiatives with a company’s strategic vision. By connecting and managing strategy, projects, personnel, processes, technology, risks, architecture, customers, and infrastructure in one platform, Mavim increases the success rate of major transformation. By mapping the desired destination onto the current state, Mavim creates a fit-gap analysis on the future state. With this insight, it is possible to generate a project portfolio that will create direct and measurable impact on a company’s strategic vision.

However, the added value of Mavim isn’t simply in facilitating the visualization or prioritization of change initiatives—the real benefit comes after the cost reductions and process efficiencies are realized. The result of utilizing the Mavim software over the course of a change program is the transformation into an adaptive enterprise that is prepared to continuously adjust to emergent, dynamic market conditions. With a collaborative portal environment that actively engages end-users in a PDCA cycle, Mavim offers the key to establishing continuous improvement.

"In this new era of rapid technological advancement, organizations around the world are being forced to adapt. We provide support for organizations that need to undergo large-scale business transformation - whether that transformation was caused by the external factors such as customers and competition or internal factors such as mergers, acquisitions, and rapid organic growth. Wouter Jan de Baan, VP Strategy and Innovation explains, "Organizations can choose which direction they want to go with Mavim. That direction can be very IT specific such as Application Portfolio Management, or a more business facing issue such as Strategic Portfolio Management. Mavim is lightweight and infinitely scaleable, making our software a perfect fit for a countless number of innovation and transformation projects."

New Web Portal

In the latest version, the elevated user experience is immediately noticeable. In addition to a re-designed user interface with a tri-fold navigational design, the web portal offers the possibility to create a customized dashboard for each individual user.

Audit & Approval

The latest version of the software also includes an enhanced audit and approval functionality, which allows the owner of process information to request feedback and approval from the necessary parties before it can be published. This latest functionality allows Mavim to close the PDCA cycle of continuous improvement.

Integration with PowerBI

In addition to the existing integrations with Microsoft technologies such as Visio, SharePoint, and Office 365, Mavim has developed a dynamic integration with Microsoft PowerBI. This integration facilitates data that is developed and stored in Mavim to be visualized in clear reports, which provides decision makers of all levels access to the information relevant to them.

New Training Portal

Mavim is enhancing the user experience both in- and outside the software itself. To facilitate the rapidly growing international customer based, Mavim now offers a diverse series of both theory and product training programs to be consumed online, at the convenience of the user.

More information?
For more information, contact VP Strategy and Innovation, Wouter Jan de Baan at wba@mavim.com or click here to request a personalized online demonstration!

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